Queer Hugs – Will you hug a homosexual?

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It wasn't a long time back when racial discrimination was prevalent in major parts of the world. Even today, it happens behind the closet but here’s a discrimination which the law doesn't recognise as an act of discrimination. Today in India considering Section 377, many heterosexuals consider Homosexuals to be abnormal. To change this perspective, Queer-Kala organized an event...
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This lady watched Unfreedom Movie… Her reaction is absolutely exhilarating!

Unfreedom Movie audience reaction, hashtag Unfreedom Campaign, #Unfreedom
 Smitha Jammalamadaka from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA got her copy of Unfreedom Movie DVD and her reaction after watching the film was overwhelming. She posted a selfie with #Unfreedom T-shirt on; along with a video. Here's what she had to say about the film & the #Unfreedom Campaign!"Supporting ‪#‎Unfreedom‬ and ‪#‎TheHashtagUnfreedomCampaign‬ , loving myself in e...
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The best twitter reactions to the Banning of the film Unfreedom…

Twitter Reactions on banning of the film Unfreedom.
Given the unrealistic reasons behind banning of Unfreedom Movie, twitter exploded on the news of this movie getting banned in India.Here’s how people trolled Indian Censor Board on twitter. These inspirational, still hilarious tweets will amaze you!Here are the reactions that prove how wrong a decision it was to ban the film UNFREEDOM!  Compiled by: Anurag Pandey    
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Preeti Gupta: Lesbian Couple Ad Looks Beyond Clichés

Actress Preeti Gupta, whose film “Unfreedom” touches upon homosexuality, says it was refreshing to see apparel brand Anouk for Myntra’s advertisement break stereotypes by portraying a lesbian couple as normal women. (Myntra/YouTube photo)NEW DELHI — Actress Preeti Gupta, whose film “Unfreedom” touches upon homosexuality, has come out to support a new advertisement which looks a...
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LGBT people suffer widespread violent abuse, discrimination: new UN report

The report cites beatings, jailings and murder and says despite actions to reduce the abuse, human rights violations based on sexual orientation continue A policeman objects to protesters holding a rainbow flag during an LGBT community rally in central Moscow, Russia, at the weekend. The sign reads, “Love. Don’t make war.” The UN report says at least 76 countries have laws used...
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What’s Unfreedom? Students of Mumbai University explain…

Student at Mumbai University explains what's Unfreedom for her
What according to you is Unfreedom? Isn't the word synonymous to distress, confinement, pain or when you're deprived of all basic freedom? Understand Unfreedom through the lens of India’s youth. Unfreedom team reaches The University of Mumbai. Freedom, for most of us, means an independence from intolerance of mass society. The students play a vital role in this society &...
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