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Jyoti’s Mother

“My Daughter’s Name is Jyoti Singh” Nirbhaya’s Mother, 3 Years after Delhi Gang-Rape. 

We have forever been shaming rape victims for the fault which in the first clause wasn’t hers. Her only fault was that she happened to come across a bunch of mentally sick men according to whom if a girl is travelling late at night is characterless.  Jyoti, sustained with injuries, bare bodied was dropped roadside with her friend with no one to escort them to help on 16​th​December 2012. She was brutally raped and left to die on the streets of Delhi. When help reached, Jyoti was already very critical and little could have been done. She was taken to the hospital and even transferred to Singapore three days later, just to lose to death. It didn’t take much time to get all the five culprits under arrest. They were charged under Sections of rape and murder (S. 376A and 302 of the Indian Penal code). One out of these five culprits was a juvenile. Three years later and justice having said to be delivered, it doesn’t seems to be the case. The apex court decides to release the under 18 criminal with no costs or punishment. Ignorance or maybe failure to reckon her pain that brought the whole country together is clear by the fact that the documentary made on this incident by BBC, “India’s Daughter” got Banned earlier this year as it featured content, which according to the censor board was not made for the Indian audience. Though the Rajya Sabha on 22​nd ​December, 2015 cleared the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection Bill) 2014, according to which a minor between the ages of 16-18 can be tried Criminally for offences like murder, rape and robbery. A day later of the judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the Nirbhaya Gang rape case. The government should be made to answer the implementing questions. The issue of Censorship is one such. Documentaries and cinematographic presentation like “India’s Daughter”, “Unfreedom”, “Mohala Assi” etc. should not be banned. Crimes do happen and People are aware the way and method a certain act is committed. Censorship curtails the freedom to connect with the audience by direct intervention. Films can become the most useful tool to show a mirror to the society. The government certainly fails to catch the basic demand of justice. Where we filter Documentaries and movies on basis of social stigma, crimes and issues we’ve been banning content that doesn’t fulfils government’s agenda. 

We would like to know what you think about the judiciary releasing the juvenile even after a three year delay and your take on censorship regarding the ban on “India’s Daughter” and Unfreedom.

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