The Third Gender- A Positive Story

It wasn’t long ago when Transgenders were looked down upon and were socially

unidentified, even constitutionally. Their claps were considered a sign of blessing but

at the same time were a part of age long stigma which discriminated them from

common people. They’ve been long facing discrimination in form of getting

abandoned by family, friends, society and government.

But bad times too have to face the obstruction of reformation and that reformation is

visible now! The scenario seems to be changing as positive outcomes are being


Recently Yash Raj Films’ digital platform Y Films launched India’s first transgender

band, “The 6 Pack Band”. The band comprises of six transsexual members and have

recorded an album. Sonu Nigam and Anushka Sharma have given in their voice in

this new refreshing album also becoming a mascot for change, in this case.

Another great achievement that was noticed in the recent past was the declaration of

a plan made by the state of West Bengal the Bengal to enroll Transgenders in Civic

Police Volunteer Force (CPVC). A small step but definitely a concrete one. A step to

end the stigma and discrimination against this community. It was Shashi Panja, the

minister for women and child development of the state who took this initiative. This

section of law was introduced back in 2008 and now another major change has

definitely raised hopes to attain the possibility of equal stature for transsexuals in the


Social groups and digital media have surely done their part and so has the Fashion

industry. The first transgender modelling agency was established in New York in

July, 2015 and now India’s First Transgender Model Agency is all set to blaze a new

trail. A Delhi based LGBT charity, “Mitr Trust” is planning to launch India’s first

Transgender Model Agency. A lot of people may find it strange but it’s time that our

nation’s third gender gets a chance to make a point to society at large. Fashion

stylist Rishi Rai has teamed up with the trust for this initiative. It will be a fresh zeal to see

a refreshing set of models walking the ramp and also setting up a great example for the orthodox

minded society.

It has all been possible because of the law passed in 2014 recognizing transgender as a third

gender entitled to equal rights and protection under law. For this the credit goes to Laxmi Narayn

Triapathi, a leading transgender activist.



Compiled and written by: Ashna JD

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