Queer Hugs – Will you hug a homosexual?

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It wasn't a long time back when racial discrimination was prevalent in major parts of the world. Even today, it happens behind the closet but here’s a discrimination which the law doesn't recognise as an act of discrimination. Today in India considering Section 377, many heterosexuals consider Homosexuals to be abnormal. To change this perspective, Queer-Kala organized an event...
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Pride, dignity, the feeling of being accepted with your own identity, the ability  to come out in open with self assurance are some indispensable rights that have been suppressed, for a major section of our society… The LGBT Community! The Indian LGBT community since more than a decade have been organising Pride Parades in different cities and have exponentially grown with time...
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Shashi Tharoor has introduced a private member’s bill in order to scrap section 377.

Hope is the rope, that swings through life. When all had given up hope for enforcement of equality and freedom, specially for the LGBT community in India... Shashi Tharoor, MP for Thiruvanthapuram has recently introduced a private member’s bill to scrap section 377. A section of Indian Penal Code that bars the LGBT community from pursuing their choice of sexuality & choosin...
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