Preeti Gupta: Lesbian Couple Ad Looks Beyond Clichés

Actress Preeti Gupta, whose film “Unfreedom” touches upon homosexuality, says it was refreshing to see apparel brand Anouk for Myntra’s advertisement break stereotypes by portraying a lesbian couple as normal women. (Myntra/YouTube photo)NEW DELHI — Actress Preeti Gupta, whose film “Unfreedom” touches upon homosexuality, has come out to support a new advertisement which looks a...
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The Limits of Religious-Freedom Protections

The Supreme Court rules that a woman should not have been denied a job over her head scarf, but a Muslim chaplain says her hijab made her a target of discrimination on an airline flight.                                                                                                                                                                           The Supreme Court hasn’...
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LGBT people suffer widespread violent abuse, discrimination: new UN report

The report cites beatings, jailings and murder and says despite actions to reduce the abuse, human rights violations based on sexual orientation continue A policeman objects to protesters holding a rainbow flag during an LGBT community rally in central Moscow, Russia, at the weekend. The sign reads, “Love. Don’t make war.” The UN report says at least 76 countries have laws used...
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