Adil Hussain: Banning ‘Unfreedom’ shows Disrespect towards Nation

New Delhi — Actor Adil Hussain, whose film “Un-Freedom” failed to get a certificate for release in India, Mar. 31 said banning the same-sex love story was “baseless.” “Un-Freedom,” helmed by Florida-based director Raj Amit Kumar, is a thriller that chronicles a lesbian love story set in New York and New Delhi and is said to be inspired by Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poem “Ye D...
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Unfreedom, was not certified by the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) after the movie maker approached for solution!

The debut film of a Florida-based director Raj Amit Kumar titled “Un-Freedom”, starring Adil Hussain and Victor Banerjee in lead roles has been denied certification following several twists. The movie, which is said to be inspired by Faiz Ahmad Faiz's poem, "Ye Dagh Dagh Ujala", was initially denied certification by the Examining Committee (EC), and later Revising Committee...
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Unfreedom: Film that Censor Board doesn’t want you to watch

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is in the middle of a controversy yet again. After the recent cuss-word debate and more scene snips that were widely contested, chairman Pahlaj Nihalani’s decision to ban Unfreedom — a film based on a homosexual relationship —has been met with criticism. The board reportedly has issues with both the lesbian relationship show...
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Ban-Beep India: Censor Board Bans Raj Amit Kumar’s ‘Unfreedom’ That Supports Homosexuality

From beef ban to Nirbhaya documentary ban, India is now known all over the world for its variety of bans than its age-old traditions. As nudity, sexuality, 'unnatural' sex are considered taboos in the country, the Central Board of Film Certification (commonly referred to as the Censor Board) has banned and trimmed many films in India; the latest one in the list is debuta...
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Unfreedom: Censor Board Strikes Again, Bans The Film

Just a day ago Deepika Padukone featured in a short video spreading the message of voice equality for females in all spheres of life. The video in Deepika Padukone’s voice states,  “It is my choice to live life the way I want, to wear clothes I like, to decide how I want my body to be, when I want to get married or if I ever want to walk down the aisle, to decide if I want ...
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Ban unfair, says ‘Unfreedom’ director

The HIndu
Raj Amit Kumar says the move is like taking away “basic human rights” Florida-based director Raj Amit Kumar’s debut film “Unfreedom,” starring Adil Hussain and Victor Banerjee in key roles espousing homosexuality, has been banned in India. The 36-year-old director is the latest who has hit out at the certification process in recent times. Disappointed at being unable...
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Indian lesbian film Banned by Censor

Unfreedom, the new Bollywood film made based on the story of a young girl resisting to get into a forced arranged marriage selected to spend life with her lesbian partner failed to cross the Censor Board. The topic of film is to explore homosexuality and the film failed to receive the nod from CBFC. There is also a story of liberal Muslim kidnapped by a terrorist runs...
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‘Unfreedom’, A Film That Was Banned By The Censors, Is Now Using That As Its USP

We've done it again. Only two days after India failed its LGBT populace by voting against benefits for same-sex partners for UN staff, it was reported on Saturday that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC, popularly known as the 'Censor Board') banned 'Unfreedom', a thriller directed by debut filmmaker Raj Amit Kumar starring Adil Hussain and Victor Banerjee. T...
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Censor Board guillotine chops yet another film

Mumbai, Mar 30: The Censor Board which has been gracing the headlines for all sorts of reasons for a while now, is back to hogging more print with its recently imposed ban on the ban on the release of the movie Unfreedom. The movie has been banned because it centres around the volatile subject of Lesbianism. It isn't surprising given that the board had recently banned the v...
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Censor Board Bans movie ‘Unfreedom’ on Homosexuality

Censor Board Ban: Once again, a movie got into trouble due to the ban from the Censor Board. It has been reported that the film ‘Unfreedom’ which explores the topic of homosexuality, has been banned  by the Censor Board this time. ‘Unfreedom’ is the story of a young girl who does not want to get into a forced arranged marriage to spend her life with her lesbian partner. ...
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