Unfreedom Review by Hollywood Jesus

Unfreedom is Indian director Raj Amit Kumar’s attempt to deal with the violence he sees as inherent in religious fundamentalism. The film is made up of two separate stories, in two cities, with people of different religious backgrounds. Although the stories never connect to one another, the connection is to be found in the ways that when people understand themselves as having t...
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Carla Renata’s Corner Reviews Unfreedom movie

May 29, 2015 In American we take for granted the simple freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis.  We are free to speak and act out as we like, free to love whom we want, free to worship and practice any type of religion without persecution,  However, in India the word “freedom” has a whole new meaning – UnFreedom. UNFREEDOM, by director raj Amit Kumar slays us with two p...
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Deadline Hollywood reviews Unfreedom Movie

Unfreedom Director-writer: Raj Amit Kumar Writers: Damon J. Taylor, Adam Davis, Kamran Iqbal Cast: Victor Banerjee, Adil Hussain, Bhanu Uday, Preeti Gupta, Bhavani Lee, Ankur Vikal, Seema Rahmani, Samrat Chakrabarti, Danae Nason Distributor: Dark Frames Indian-born filmmaker Raj Amit Kumar opened his own distribution outfit to release his film Unfreedom. Kumar, however, is...
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Movie Review: “Unfreedom” is a very smart and real film about the conflicts and struggles of those trapped by culture

"This bold film is a stunning blend of art, beauty, love, horrific violence and intolerance." by Mary SparkmanMay 28, 2015 A society is torn apart by political, religious, and sexual turmoil. This bold film is a stunning blend of art, beauty, love, horrific violence and intolerance. Two stories are told in this film that represent the hot buttons of today...
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