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dagh ujala

Ye dagh dagh ujala, ye shab-gaziida sahar, Vo intizaar thaa jis-kaa, ye vo sahar to nahin, Ye vo sahar to nahin jis-kii aarzu lekar.. Chale thhey yaar ke mil-jayegi kahin na kahin.

Falak ke dasht mein taaron kii aakhri manzil, Kahin to hoga shab-e sust mauj kaa sahil, Kahin to jaake rukega safiina-e-gham-e-dil.

JawaaN lahu kii pur-asraar shaahrahoN se Chale jo yaar to daaman pe kitne hath paRe; Diyaar-e-husn kii be-sabr khwaabgaahoN se Pukaarti-rahiiN baahen, badan bulaate-rahe;

Bahut 'aziiz thii lekin rukh-e-sahar ki lagan, Bahut qariin thaa hasiinaN-e-nuur kaa daaman, , Subuk subuk thii tamannaa, dabii dabii thii thakan.

Sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai firaaq-e-zulmat-o-nuur,
Sunaa hai ho bhii chukaa hai visaal-e-manzil-o-gaam;
Badal-chukaa hai bahut ahl-e-dard kaa dastuur, Nishaat-e-vasl halaal o 'azab-e-hijr haraam.

Jigar kii aag, nazar kii umang, dil kii jalan, kisii pe chaara-e-hijraaN kaa kuchh asar hii nahiiN.
KahaaN se aa'ii nigaar-e-sabaa, kidhar ko ga'ii? Abhii charaagh-e-sar-e-rah ko kuchh khabar hii nahiiN;

Abhii giraanii-e-shab meN kamii nahiiN aa'ii, Najaat-e-diidaa-o-dil ki ghaRii nahiiN aa'ii; Chale-chalo ke vo manjil abhii nahiiN aa'ii

- Faiz Ahmed Faiz


This stained blemished light, this day shadowed by night, This isn't the dawn we had in our sight. This is not the dawn of our heart's desire that friends set out for, with passion and fire.

Somewhere in the desert sky stars would soar. Somewhere night waves must find their shore. Somewhere a heart rocked with sorrow would reach its port.

When young blood set out in their own majestic way, hands tugged at their sleeves, asking to stay. From sleepless dens where beauty dwelled, arms reached out, bodies ached to be held.

Passion craves for the break of dawn Fairy rays so close you could almost hold on Desire takes on wings; labor seems to be gone.

They say twilight has led into the day They say the wanderer has found his way Yet those who lead us betray our trust Sorrow of loss denied, joy of union just.

Manic heart, those wanting eyes, the pain of burning souls There is no resolve as separation pierces holes
From where blew the morning breeze, where did it go What is that we live for, do we even know.

Heaviness sits deep in this bleak night Our eyes cannot see, spirits yet to take flight. Keep marching on... for our freedom hasn't arrived.

(Translation - Deepa Bajaj, Raj Amit Kumar, Deepak Ramola)

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