#Unfreedom Debate 2; Censorship of films and Freedom of Speech…

#Unfreedom campaign has yet again raised an issue of priority as people look incensed, with the diktat of CBFC, popularly known as Censor Board. The act of banning; the idea of restricting anything is in itself against the principle of Democracy!

and look at the irony of the matter, worlds largest democracy is where banning is most frequent!

be it banning of Documentary “India’s Daughter” or imposing a ban on film “Unfreedom”
be it banning of “Beef” or recent ban on “Horn OK Please”
be it a cartoonist, painter or a filmmaker…
If your expressions offend someone, You just might get

“BANNED in India”

Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi during #Unfreedom Debate
Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi during #Unfreedom Debate

Watch the #Unfreedom Debate 2 on Censorship and freedom of speech and leave your comments below…

By: Anurag Pandey

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